rate (plural rates)

  1. An amount measured in relation to another amount.
    The car was travelling at a rate of speed of fifty kilometres per hour.
  2. A price or fee determined in relation to a particular scale or standard.
    The central bank sets an interest rate.
  3. A price per unit for a service or product.
    Postal rates here are low.
  4. The relative speed of change or progress.
    The rate of production at the factory is skyrocketing.
  5. (statistics) A measure of the frequency of a given event, typically expressed as the number of occurrences of the event for every thousand or hundred thousand people in the total population considered.
    The mortality rate in the country was unusually high.
  6. Wages calculated in relation to a unit of time.
    The pay rate is ten dollars per hour.
  7. A level of quality.
    This textbook is first rate.

4 letters in word "rate": A E R T.

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ae ar are art at ate ea ear eat er era et eta rat re ret ta tae tar te tea

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